What does SalesSCOUTS do?

With a unique recruitment method, SalesSCOUTS offers a different perspective on the world of sales recruitment.

SalesSCOUTS has a very thorough and highly personal recruitment and selection process, supported by artificial intelligence. If required, SalesSCOUTS candidates are familiarised with the process by means of customised training courses and, after placement, are further supervised. This 'onboarding' principle ensures that candidates are immediately ready for the job.

The success rate of a perfect match between an organisation and a sales candidate has never been so high.

Are you the sales professional we are looking for?

Are you a young sales talent or a seasoned sales professional? Are you looking for a work environment that is your perfect fit, and are you ready to do things differently? Then we are looking for you.

Our database consists of inspiring organisations throughout the Netherlands that are looking for suitable sales talent. Read more about SalesSCOUTS' distinctive working method and how we can introduce you very selectively to organisations that suit you.

Is sales your business?

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Passion for the right match
The team at SalesSCOUTS does not go for a quick match. Their passion is to make it fit. They asked questions to find out what made me happy. They know their clients, which gives you, as a candidate, that little bit more insight to make a good choice. They stay involved, even after the deal.
Review SalesScouts
SalesScouts has been great in helping me find a new challenge. They work fast, communicate well and were well known to the employer. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to look further.
SalesScouts - meeting ambitions
Nice company with a no-nonsense approach to sales recruitment. Some time ago, I was approached by SalesScouts for a new challenge. Unfortunately, after a few months, it didn't work out, as the job and the activities absolutely did not suit me. Nevertheless, I would like to compliment Jean-Louis Van Aerle and his team for their open and honest communication towards the candidates.

Our recruitment method

Intelligent selection method
Personality and competence test
Face-to-face meeting SalesSCOUTS
Selection and nomination
Assumption and evaluation
4-day SalesRESPECT® (team) training course

SalesSCOUTS for your organisation

Recruitment should have depth. After all, the real match takes place between people. Personnel recruitment requires much more than matching a job profile with CVs.

With a unique recruitment method, SalesSCOUTS supports your HR department in finding, training and coaching special sales talent. SalesSCOUTS looks at the person behind the candidate. Who really suits your company, your objectives and your employees?

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Search &

  • Are you looking for a sales topper with years of experience? Or are you looking for up-and-coming sales talent?
  • SalesSCOUTS is the partner that understands searching organisations like no other - and at the same time understands sales very well.
  • SalesSCOUTS takes care of your recruitment and selection process from A to Z.

Search, Find & Onboarding

  • Do you need a new, fully trained sales professional?
  • With new staff, the onboarding phase is a time-consuming, precarious period.
  • SalesSCOUTS takes care of both the recruitment of sales professionals and their initial training. This way, a good start is guaranteed.
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Search, Find & Team Training

  • Does your existing sales team need to be expanded?
  • SalesSCOUTS takes the recruitment process off your hands and provides additional tailor-made training for the entire sales team.
  • This guarantees a good start for new employees and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Intelligent Recruitment

Personal selection supported by artificial intelligence

personal investigations

Character and competences mapped

Selective lecture

Spot-on candidates only, no waste of time

Training & onboarding

For new talent or for the entire sales team

Ready for a new challenge?

Are you ready to invest in a work environment that really suits you, your character and your desires? Then we are looking for you. Our database consists of inspiring organisations throughout the Netherlands that are looking for suitable sales talent.

Is sales in your blood?